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My wife started in real estate in 2015. And she’s so passionate about it!  She has sold homes in just 6 hours. Granted, that doesn’t happen every time… but it brings me to my point.  Speed. 

She gives a lot of attention to her clients… and she’s fast. Well, maybe it’s not that she’s just fast… but more importantly that she’s efficient and a hard worker. She’s focused, dedicated, and passionate about helping people. 

And that’s how I feel I am when it comes to getting you the new WEBSITE you want. Is 6 hours possible? Well, if the stars are aligned, then maybe. But let’s be a little more realistic.

In the past before I did this kind of thing, I referred a few business owners to some “other” website builders / website designers. People who I thought I could trust. Well, after following up with the people and asking if their new website was almost done, I never got a good response. They were usually far from a finished product. Nothing ever would get done in a timely manner. Communication was horrible between the web designer and the business owner.

Now, I understand that you’re busy, if you own and run a business. But I think because I’ve worked with business owners one-on-one for many years, that I can keep the communication flowing a bit better. I’ve had lots of practice.  

First, I have to let you know what is expected. I have to let you know what I need in order to do my job for you in the most efficient and fruitful manner. 

After we meet, and I get the first deluge of basic information from you… I’m confident that I could have a website for you within 48 hours. I don’t think you’ll need one that fast… but if you did… I’d love the challenge. Stay up 24 hours, sleep 8, back to work for another 18? Yikes. Maybe some naps in there.

Ok, maybe that’s not ideal, and I’d want to make sure your were completely happy with your website before launching it… but my point is that I’m not afraid to get in there and get after it. I grew up on a farm and hard work is imprinted on my soul. And I take pride in my work. It’s important that you’re happy with the website you get. And it’s also important that I build a website for you that I’d be happy to have myself.

I think every local business in Sioux Falls needs a website. It’s a source for so many new customers to find you. It’s a source for those people to learn more about what you do and how you help people.

And who does the writing of the content for your website? I do. I don’t just ask you for some copy points, so I can cut and paste into your website. No. I’m a writer too. And a marketing guy. So, I have the know-how to write a better selling and better converting website. Because what’s the sense of having a website and getting people to visit it… if they don’t end up being impressed and buying from you? Rhetorical. There is no sense in that! 

I’m one of the very few website designers in Sioux Falls who focuses a major amount of time on the content, words, stories, sales aspect, etc. of your website. The others are just graphic designers whose only concern is “pretty-ness”. There’s more to building a website than that. Much more.

I specialize in helping the smaller businesses.  You’re the type of people I’m passionate about helping.  Whether you’re in Sioux Falls, Dell Rapids, or Platte, South Dakota… I’m your guy.  

And if you need a good Realtor, I know one of those people, too.   ; )

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